Data Loggers
Data Loggers are compact devices, constructed from durable ABS Plastic, weigh 51 grams and boast a wide temperature range of -30C to +60C (-22F to +140F). Powered by a user-replaceable 3.0V 225mAh CR2032 Panasonic coin cell battery, they offer reliable data logging with a voltage of 3 volts.
Circular Chart Recorders
Circular Chart Recorders are versatile instruments designed for diverse applications like pharmaceutical, hydro testing, laboratory, dairy, and tire/rubber industries. Packed with features, they offer a wide range of functions, MODBUS communicability, universal inputs, and full programmability. Ideal for multichannel data recording, these recorders ensure precise monitoring and analysis across various industrial processes.
Temperature Scanner
Temperature Scanner is crafted with durable ABS Plastic and MS Powder Coated material. This USB-interface device is a reliable multiple-channel data logger. Featuring a clear LCD display, it ensures accurate readings with 0.25% FSD 1 digit precision. Operable at 12-15V DC voltage, it excels in temperature monitoring across diverse environments.
Vaccine Series Data Logger
Vaccine Series Data Logger is tailored for vaccine transport applications. This compact device in grey, blue, or black ABS plastic weighs 100 grams. With a resolution of 0.1C for display and storage, it ensures precise temperature monitoring. Featuring a mini USB interface and visual alarms, it guarantees the safe and reliable preservation of vaccines.
Paperless Recorder
Paperless Recorder is built with durable ABS Plastic. This device excels in pharmaceutical, hydro testing, dairy, tire, rubber, and furnace applications. With a high accuracy of 0.1% FSR, it boasts a user-friendly LCD display. Its 16GB memory, relay ON/OFF alarms, and versatile applications make it an efficient solution for comprehensive data recording needs.
Wireless Data Loggers
Wireless Data Loggers are crafted from durable ABS Plastic in black and light pink. These loggers are ideal for dairy, pharmaceuticals, and cold chain applications. With a massive 3000GB memory, they provide high/low individual status alarms. Operated through user-friendly software, they ensure efficient and reliable data logging for temperature-sensitive environments.

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