1994: The first Indian company to present Microprocessor-based Recorders with stepper motors and digital display in 11 inch format.

1995: The foremost to introduce 8 inch Recorder in Indian market. We have also introduced 6 inch Recorder in the market.

1996: We proceed to further improve our Recorders as well as pen resolution, to bring them closer to the Global Standards.

1997: We have presented our Humidity Recorder / Hygrothermograph in the market of India.

1998: Presented a fully programmable series of Chart Recorders to the market, and continuing all-round development in the specifications to World Standards. In the same year, we introduced our Strip Chart Recorders.

1999: The first Indian company to present 4 inch Recorder. In same year, we added various products to our range, such as Scanners and Application-specific Controllers. We have also introduced the Thermal Recorder in the end of the year. We also introduced Battery back-up attribute with rechargeable Lead-Acid battery, for the first time in India.

2000: We supply a Cryogenic Temperature Scanner for Ultra Low (20 to 300 degree Kelvin), designed & developed for the Space Application Center (ISRO, Ahmedabad). It is to be utilized in Thermo Vacuum Facility for testing satellite sub systems. In the same year, we are honored ISO 9001 certification by DNV, Netherlands. Also, we presented Pressure Sensitive Recorders and battery back-up with 9V Alkaline battery. In the later part of the year, we started exportation of the Recorders.

2001: We proceed to better and add features to the products. We offered optional features such as Square Root Extractor and Totalizer, which are field selectable. We completed design of 3-pen & 4-pen Circular Chart Recorders. Besides, we continued with up-gradation in our software.

2002: Added to our Strip Chart range presenting 6 point dot marking and 3 pen continuous. Improvement continues in the Chart Recorders' mechanical assemblies. We innovated our SC-6000 Series in Data Loggers and Scanners, with an upgraded variant of AqWire software, and optional dynamic data storage feature of up to 60KB from the previous 2KB capacity only. Also, we continue the process of upgrading our Quality Management System to the ISO 9001:2000 requirements.

2003: We participated independently at the exhibition - Chem Tech World Expo 2003, held at NSE, Mumbai. Also, our logo undergoes a face-lift, making it more meaningful and vibrant. Our products are being further improved in terms of specifications, appearance & features available, with the aim to give the customers value-addition and bettering their satisfaction.

2005: Introduction of PARIVAR a program for employee enrichment through training for technical, interpersonal & societal.

2006: Launching of RAM (Reliability, Availability & Maintainability). Program innovated for whole improvement of products' performance.

2007: Introductory to present the small data loggers for temperature & %RH, with memory for Pharmaceuticals, cold chain and transport applications. Also, we introduced the LCD display & high-speed data acquiring in the existing scanner.

2008: In 2008 very popular 6 & 11 series of Circular Chart Recorders is reformed in plastic box giving it a globally sound look. Cut-out constructs are made such that it can be a substitution for most popular brands. IP-55 protection is also accomplished.

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